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I'm Emily Sanford, and this is Emily Sanford Design.


Let me tell you a little about my process:


Paint, Pen, Pencil Paper.

Most of my designs start on paper, through watercolor painting, pencil drawings, and lines of marker and pen, I begin my process by hand.


Photography. Photoshop. Illustrator.

After photographing my artwork, I manipulated it digitally, enhance textures, and introduce new elements to complete my design.



Most of my designs then are put into repeat for use on fabric, clothing, iphone cases, or print and almost anything you can imagine.


Interested in Custom, or licensed designs?

I am available for licensing and print purchase. Please contact me through my contact page for pricing and details.

Texture. Line. Color. Repeat.
Emily Sanford Design - Textile Design fabric design

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Spoonflower Blog Interview.

Emily Sanford started exploring surface design while pursuing her undergraduate degree in ceramics. The opportunity to explore textures and pattern opened her eyes to the world of surface design. Using watercolors as her medium, Emily creates a range of beautiful textiles. Here, Emily shares more about how she started designing textiles, where she hopes to take her surface design career and how she stays inspired...


Alletta Ruth Feature. 

Ok, I just had to share this fabric from Emily Sanford Designs on Spoonflower.  I’ve been camping out over at Spoonflower recently (on the hunt for some upholstery fabric) and stumbled upon her fantastic designs.  I’m seriously in love with each one...


Canadian LIving


Flights of Delight- I adore this fabric. It is simply perfect. Great watercolor texture, beautiful chevron/feather pattern, and the perfect mix of color...


Half Asleep Studio -How cute are these prints by Emily Sanford? They’re colorful, whimsical, and really unique, but I think maybe the best part is that they’re all on Spoonflower...


Pattern Observer- Emily Sanford is a licensed surface pattern designer specializing in watercolor. She lives and works with her family in New York City.






Watercolor Artist, watercolor fabric designer
Emily Sanford Design - Textile design, watercolor artist, watercolor fabric

Photography by Kaylan Buteyn Photography.

© 2016. Emily Sanford. 

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